Hey there! Welcome to the Good Haven. My name is Christina and I'm a native Austinite currently residing in Brooklyn. Here's a little about me and why I started this thing.

From my studies as a Fashion Merchandising student at Auburn University, I came to the conclusion that the fashion industry as a whole is unethical. Rather than being bummed out about this or ignoring it, I became curious about sustainability and the ethical fashion movement.

I learned that the ethical fashion community is there, but it’s below the surface. There’s a lack of awareness among the average consumer that’s prohibiting people from making smart choices with their dollars.

Also, the “conscious consumer” community can have a negative stigmatism: they can come off as judgmental of non-ethical shoppers, too expensive, and dated rather than fashion forward.

Despite these observations, I was determined to know more. I was so curious and inspired by the stories of every brand that I discovered. I found brands that fit my style and tastes and were affordable.

I not only want to share my findings with my friends, but also want to educate them and challenge the way people think about ethical fashion, conscious consumerism, and sustainability in the fashion industry. I want to join the movement and create a platform for people to get to know these brands, to be inspired, and to feel empowered to shop better.

That’s when I decided to create the Good Haven. When you visit the Good Haven I want you to discover new ethical brands that are out there making beautiful products that fit your tastes and lifestyle. My hope is that you would fall in love with something I feature, be inspired to learn more about the brand and their story, and feel empowered to shop more intentionally and make a difference with your dollars.