Sara Panton, Co-Founder of Vitruvi On How Essential Oils Can Turn Self-Care into a Lifestyle

We’re taking a moment to talk about the actual benefits of essential oils and their positive effects on our brains, emotions and mood. Vitruvi makes 100% natural non-toxic essential oils at a sweet price point. Check out our interview below with Sara, the Cofounder of Vitruvi!

About the Brand
Vitruvi is the first direct to consumer essential oil company created by siblings Sara and Sean. They created Vitruvi from a passion for botanicals and traditions of cultures around the world with the goal of providing a little much needed self care to the lives of people during their modern hustle.

Sara was working in Kenya setting up women’s health clinics and alternative income projects when she became passionate about global health practices and wellness rituals.

Sara and her brother started blending their own products, taking botanicals and oils that have been used traditionally for centuries and redesigning them in a modern way to create pure and 100% natural non-toxic essential oils. 

Scroll down for the interview with Sara and some of her secrets tips and tricks for using essential oils in creative ways!


What are the benefits of essential oils? How do they work?

“Vitruvi is really about taking everyday routines and turning them into wellness rituals by incorporating scent and essential oils.”— Sara 

We created a scent for waking up, for working, for meditating, for sleeping which meant that no matter how much someone was traveling, or how hectic her day was there was a grounding moment with a scent that was designed to associate with that ritual.

Beyond that, they also have absolutely amazing chemical properties that make them helpful for creating your own skincare, home cleaning products and goods that are friendly for yourself and the planet. 


Vitruvi oils are designed to help you create rituals that help you rebalance, refocus, and create a little peace in the chaos.  What are some ways we can do this?

“I love pairing aromas to different parts of my day. The brain really likes routine, so by having an aroma with specific tasks and rituals that you do each day it helps cue the brain and body to get into that ‘zone’.”— Sara 

For me I have a few standard wellness rituals in my day for several oils:


I wake up with Geranium using the oil on a face cloth each morning with warm water to wipe my face.  This aroma has become the ‘aroma of my morning’ regardless of where I am in the world. It’s a little bit of home.  When I think Spring, Geranium is definitely the first scent that comes to mind.  Our Geranium Essential Oil is sourced from Egypt and helps keep skin and hair glowing, while giving off a floral and slightly minty aroma.  Geranium helps with hormonal changes, and balancing the skin.


Our Bergamot Essential Oil is cold-pressed in France from the peel of the citrus fruit. Best known for creating the deep aroma of earl grey tea, this multi-use oil has a comforting, yet fresh scent. Add 7 drops of bergamot oil to a bath to create a cozy yet fresh evening bath this Spring.


Essential oils can be used as a natural alternative to harmful household cleaning supplies, do you have any recipes you could recommend?


  I absolutely love the fresh scent of Lemon, and use it quite a bit in my laundry, or in my kitchen! Add 5 drops to a fresh cloth and put in your clothing dryer to freshen up your towels as they dry.  It also works great to help with cleaning up your dishes! Add 8 drops of lemon EO with your soap, directly to your hands or to pots and pans while they soak to help cut grease. Sourced from Italy, our Lemon essential oil is extracted by cold-pressing over 200 lbs of lemon rinds. Lemon is associated with uplifting emotions and a sense of order and cleanliness.


Spruce is fantastic to deodorize your rooms. Great for the office or creative environment, you will feel alert, clear and productive, simply blend with Lemon or our Boost Blend to create an effective blend. Our Spruce Essential Oil is dynamic and woodsy. Extracted from Spruce trees in Austria through steam-distillation, this oil is known for its fresh, yet grounding aroma.

Aside from diffusing, what are some other practical tips for using essential oils?

Sweet Orange

Sweet Orange has a wide range of uses from cleaning your dishes to brightening your skincare routine. As you may or may not know, citrus can be super refreshing and invigorating for the skin. So, in the AM, try adding 2-3 drops of Sweet Orange essential oil to your current face moisturizer for a little extra glow. Vitruvi Sweet Orange essential oil is certified organic and is extracted from the peel of Italian oranges. It's great for the after work slump, the mid day slump, or just anytime you need a little pick me up!  


Boost Blend

This is from our most recent collection of blended essential oils.  Boost is a blend of Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lime and Juniper; it's honestly sunshine in a bottle.  I love to diffuse Boost in the morning while I am getting ready. This along with a cup of coffee, helps wake me up, and get my mind ready for the day.  It's become part of my morning routine, and if I ever forget to turn on my diffuser, I can honestly notice a difference.


Still Mist

This is one of my absolute favourite products!  I've swapped it out for my daily perfume, and always have one sitting on my desk.  

“It's great to give your face a little spritz in the afternoon, to reset, have a minute to yourself, and recharge in the craziness of a day.”— Sara