Sukkha Citta's #MadeRight Campaign: Empowering Artisan Makers

Sukkha Citta creates slow, socially-conscious, artisan-made clothes that are #MadeRight.

Sukkha Citta’s #MadeRight Campaign is pioneering a new kind of sustainability through transparency and fairness, fostering traceability to where, why and how their clothes are produced.


Through her research and travels to Indonesia, Founder Denica Flesch was inspired to find a way to support rather than exploit artisans and makers in the rural community.


Denica’s intention with Sukkha Citta is to create a platform to empower artisans by providing an opportunity for women to pursue economic freedom while taking care of their children at home through their craft.


Sukkha Citta created their own standard, called #MadeRight, which means that each fabric provides a living wage, promotes environmentally sustainable practices, while sustaining culture through their own modern reinterpretation of heritage. 

The Senja shirt is handloomed and hand-dyed  with subtle white lines that is created using the complex Double Ikat technique in Medano Village, Central Java.